Etched in Silk Studio


Ron Thurston called Dorie's work "hypnotizing"

"Glover's work is socially conscious; more artists should be working this way." - Erie Art Museum

"What's appealing about Glover's work is it has
strong sense of place." - Krause Gallery

"Marcene's oversized works literally sweep the viewer into the space where you feel the energy of the setting." - Bottle Works 

"Calm Energy show evokes emotions via brushstrokes." - Tribune Democrat

"Glover has become a highly sought after artist, due in part to her unique mixed-media and mixed-style approach, which allows her to express her subject's political views and personal heritage, in addition to creating a direct visual representation." - Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art 

"Dorie's works are really charming. There is a whole community on exhibit." - Bottle Works

"Glover's Faces in Government exhibit was chosen from a national search of artists for Providence, RI." - Our Town

"Sheridan's hand-painted silk adds a dimension of  animation to her sculptures." - Tribune Democrat

"When it comes to Marcene Glover's work,  emotion is the focus and  passion is the purpose...calm energy resides in each piece." - Daily American

​"Glover's every piece of work and every painting brought out an emotion for me.
Just breathtaking!" - Master Artist Paulette Simunich

[Glover's work] "is a delightful, light hearted and heartwarming composition bursting with life through the image and the lyrical brush strokes and use of the original white surface to tell the story of the image."  -  University Gallery, Pittsburg Kansas

"​Here is proof that art is healing." - Tribune Democrat  see full article

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