Etched in Silk Studio

Preschool children and parents enjoyed
​a series of Summer Camp Jitterbug Jams sessions
at the historic Compass Inn Museum! 

Here is the program description:​The Ballerina Frog and dancing butterflies will have fun with your youngsters parading to the rhythms of Cricket Boom-bah! These story book characters are transformed into 3-dimensional larger than life-sized Dance buddies at the Compass Inn Museum. They join Folklorists and Artisans to show your pre-schoolers what life was like in the Ligonier Valley back in the early 1800s. That was in the Compass Inn’s heyday as a premier stagecoach stop for travelers to the newly built turnpike. Experience crafts, dance traditions and the music of that period in these six Wednesday morning sessions, beginning September 23rd. Meet the Jitterbug Jams author, and enjoy history coming to life. 

We will gather round lily pad cusions to hear the stories. Then dragonflies fly around bouncing to the beat, helping us get familiar with different musical timing. The Ballerina Frog and butterflies are eager to dance again.

previous events, jams sessions:

Girl Scouts JItterbugJams Sessions!

events, jams sessions:

Jitterbug Jams debute
​at Mount Aloysius College

September 17th, 2016
Book Reading and Signing

hosted by Laurel Arts and 

 Keystone State Reading Association 

​​​​Join us!

Book Reading & Signing
Learning Lamp Book Fest!
Meet the Author-Illustrator 
at BOTTLE WORKS Arts on 3rd Avenue
April 8-10th, 2016

date to be announced
Book Reading and Signing

at Community Arts Center of Cambria County 


April 8-23, 2016
Jitterbug Jams illustrations on exhibition

at Bottle Works Arts on 3rd Ave​

framed prints available ​​​​

Book Signing
December 17th, 2015
at BOTTLE WORKS Arts on 3rd Avenue
Holiday Shopping Event

May 20th, 21st, 2016


April 21st, 2016
Author Presentation

to Cambria Area Reading Council ​​

JITTERBUG JAMS was debuted at Mount Aloysius College for a book reading activity day with the Elementary Education majors, their Child Development Center preschool children and k-3rd grade students of St Michaels. Presenters with me were Dancer Ann Van Kuren, Musician Barry Poglein, and Designer Lanae Glover. The day was successful. We had a wonderful time playing with rhythms and parading with the students to the Cricket Boom-bah tunes. Ann lead the Ballerina Frog in helping the children dance ballet, and the children then helped the Butterflies waltz around to Barry's live guitar serenade.

jitterbug jams