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 with Early Education: Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Cultures  

Ballerina Frog  and Cricket Boom-Bah! books written and illustrated by Marcene Glover are transformed into an Integrated Arts Early Education program, JITTERBUG JAMS©: a fun easy way to instill a strong foundation for music, dance and more.

Plus the play-at-home series continues the fun.

A talented team of Artists shape this program as an approachable way of relating to the founding principles of the performing and visual arts, as well as cross-curricular education. The stories are culturally and historically rooted. The lessons meet PA State Educational Standards. The program is also designed for special needs and community outreach use, as Metronome Learning, and for mixed generation mentoring.

Jitterbug Jams

           storytelling through  MUSIC, THEATER, DANCE, ART