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Jitterbug Jams Music

Barry Poglein

Musician, Artist, Teacher

Barry’s talents range from playing acoustic guitar, vocal, and performance art to mural painting, comic drawing, and portrait drawing. He has composed and performed music, which relates to activities with which he has participated, performing recently with Song Works in the Johnstown area. He worked as art instructor for thirty-five years, was active in helping to establish Youth Art Camp in Indiana, and is assisting in the planning and promotion of the Indiana Youth Arts Celebration. Barry Poglein, a resident of Indiana County, PA., is primarily a sculptor working in ice and wood. He performed as chainsaw artist during New Growth, and demonstrated innovative 3-d band saw sculpture before an international group of craftspeople of the Woodcollectors Society. He sculpted on-site ice forms for the Women’s Help Center Extravaganza. Poglein constructs kinetic sculptures featuring a rolling marble, often a lathe turned marble of exotic or local wood, as performing art. “Marble Chute” was constructed for Art Works in Johnstown, utilizing traditional post, beam, and cross-brace building techniques, with construction paper and an antique marble from his childhood marble collection largely inherited from his father who worked in the Jeannette Glass factories.