Etched in Silk Studio

jitterbug jams design


Fiber Artist, Designer

Dorie Sheridan is collected by: 
Former First Lady Nancy Regan, 
Mrs. Arnold Palmer, 
several U.S. Foreign Ambassadors, 
Goldhaber-Fend Gallery 

​Dorie exhibited at the 1982 Worlds Fair.
Her work has sold in resort boutiques and galleries.

She has exhibited in several invitational exhibits, and 1 person to 4 person shows in Pittsburgh and surrounding area galleries, such as Christine Frechard Gallery, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, and Bottle Works Arts on 3rd Avenue. Dorie has been awarded for her sculpture.

Dorie is a self-taught artist, following a family tradition of working in fibers. She has taught 3-D art classes, and contributed to Healing Arts exhibits. She is a founding member of Etched In Silk Artisans, designing keepsake collections, and reaching the community with her Spirit Guide outreach arts.

As Designer for Jitterbug Jams, Dorie is applying her special flair to the 3-dimensional Dance Buddies and costuming props. Her experience and expertise in mixing and manipulating forms, building from metal armatures, to glazing silks, makes her a key member of the Jitterbug Jams team!

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