Etched in Silk Studio

jitterbug jams

dance buddies

The Dance Buddies and props also decorate a bedroom or playroom, transforming it into a special atmosphere for storytime, invigorating the imaginaiton! Coming soon: Lily pad lap blankets and waterlily pillows, bringing the story books' setting into your home.

Immerce yourself in the stories with larger than life Dance Buddies, props, and costuming,
​for wonderful play time and story time!


Characters from the books are brought to life-sized 3-D form, for children to interact with. That makes the learning more fun while they practice dances and rhythmic skills.

The Ballerina Frog holds each of the five basic ballet positions for kids to mimic. After dancing, they can get comfortable on a lily pad cusion and feel like they are visiting the Ballerina Frog's lily pad home, to hear the story and be inspired by her willingness to work hard to make her wish come true.

Dragonfly Dance Buddies love to fly bouncing to the beat of the music. Playful exercises with the Dragonflies helps kids get used to moving to the beat, thinking about foundations of musical timing, and directing each other, like a band conductor does. These skills of course also include math skills like recognizing shapes, patterns, and fractions.

Butterfly Dance Buddies and costuming props allow children to react to music as the characters, learning dances and historic traditions; and the Color Mixing Dance teaches visual art skills while dancing.