Marcene Glover's work is commissioned by U.S. Members of Congress, and
has sold in Canada and France. It hangs in museum and university permanent 
collections, congressional offices, federal courtrooms and congressional library. She traveled from Nevada to New York City to Washington D.C. and Rhode Island creating and exhibiting her one person show Faces In Government; Facets In Culture, with Residencies. She continues to exhibit throughout the Northeast region. Marcene maintains two studio locations, in PA and NYC; one in the Pittsburgh area, the other in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. From both of these studios she has created the characters and developed the illustrations for ​the Jitterbug Jams series of children’s stories, music, and educational program.

jitterbug jams creator

Artist, Author, Illustrator, Educator​                        

Marcene’s art is inspired from personal observations through years of experience as Healing Artist, Portrait Artist, Courtroom Artist, Cultural Arts Consultant, Curator, and Instructor, ranging in activities from helping heal chronic pain patients to incarcerated youth, to representing many rich cultural traditions, to interviewing and collaborating with Congressional members and civil rights leaders, aesthetically representing their issues. Through Etched In Silk Artisan group her work raises funds and awareness for worthy organizations.

Marcene has been an Arts Educator from preschool level, full time K-12, College Teacher, and Residency Arts Instructor at community facilities, Fine Arts Educational Director, and Arts Activities Director, serving many museum in-school Artist Residencies. She was on the team of educators to redefine the educational standards for regional diocese. And she was assigned to the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art’s team for a pilot educational residency program, a two year study matching Fine Arts activities with cross curricular education, tracking the resulting improvements. She received grants for residency projects using her collection of symbolic Congressional portraits as the inspiration and teaching tool for guiding incarcerated youth, and other at risk, under served, and senior citizens to express themselves toward their personal positive vision. Those were through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, through its regional arts funding partnership, PA Partners in the Arts, administered regionally by the PA Rural Arts Alliance, with State government funding through an annual appropriation by PA's General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts. Marcene’s formal education is from Seton Hill University, where she studied Studio Arts and Music.

Jitterbug Jams stories, music, and educational program are Marcene’s creation, brought to fruition with the help of a talented team of Artists. The purpose of this work is to reach children at an early age with an approachable way of relating to the founding principles of the performing and visual arts, as well as cross-curricular education. The stories are culturally and historically rooted. The lessons meet PA State Educational Standards. The program is also designed for special needs and community outreach use, as Metronome Learning, and for mixed generation mentoring.

Etched in Silk Studio